For the last year or so, we have been concentrating on Dolores’s miniature pots and plates. But this time, we have an incredible large, lidded, polychrome jar from her. I think it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of hers that we have had. Hand coiled, slipped with natural pigments, incised, and carved, it is remarkable. Fired outdoors, Dolores was nervous about it making it through that traditional process. Dolores is so skilled at achieving a balance between the polished and the matte areas. The polished shoulder band sets off the body of the jar so well. Even the bottom of this piece is highly polished and incised with more symbols.

I always ask Dolores to explain to me about her imagery and themes. Here is her response:
“So many elements are included in this piece. A corn growing above on the polished area, the sun shines to help it grow depicting two seasons – spring and summer. There are parrots on a branch where leaves are falling with an evergreen tree depicting fall and winter. There are avanyu representing water and life, clouds, mountains, bustle medallions, flowers, dragonflies, and step motifs. All these represent the respect we have in using feathers, evergreen trees, corn in our dances and prayers, respecting the seasons. I can picture all of this in our dances which we miss – hoping that soon through prayer, it will once again happen.” This narrative makes it even more special. The detailed incising on this jar is extraordinary. Even the lid is skillfully designed. Dolores calls this jar a “masterpiece” for herself, and I think you can see why – and agree with her!

6” high by 4 ½” wide

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