Dolores is one of the finest miniaturists working today. She has been at this for a long time, and her techniques and styles continue to change. In the 1980’s she was known for her miniature work with exquisite cream colored painted images. One of Dolores’ favorite parts of the creative process is painting her designs on the traditional white slip applied to the red pottery. “I love to paint. It’s very relaxing. Each stroke takes about four or five layers. I find it gives my mind time to wander. Sometimes when I finish, I can’t believe I painted the whole piece. It looks different with each step.” Her pots are fired in the traditional way using cedar and pin and an outdoor firebox made of tin. I have received several amazing pieces of hers from that period. You can see why she won major awards and accolades for this timeless work. Some of her favorite designs are: Avanyu (serpent believed to protect Pueblo people), feathers, clouds and bears.

This miniature plate is phenomenal. It is almost impossible to understand how she could completely fill the surface with such tiny, detailed imagery. Feathers, clouds, and avanyu all on one small plate. It is signed “Dolores Curran Santa Clara Pueblo)

½” high by 2 ¾” wide

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