This hand coiled and traditionally fired red polychrome lidded jar is spectacular. The shape alone is so beautiful. Narrow at the bottom, moving up to a wide shoulder, then a tall neck that is capped off by a tight fitting stem lid. Polished red stem set against the mica bottom. The varying shades of red, tan, terra cotta make for a stunning color combination. Dolores is always so helpful to me in terms of discussing her design work. She explains, “Feathers surround the top with cloud, rain, and step design. Below is the avanyu (serpent) with cloud designs followed with birds among the evergreen trees. There are also rainbows with step design, a flower bustle and more evergreen tree under the rainbows. Cloud designs are also painted on the polished area. It really is a masterful piece of art. We are so honored to work with Dolores. What a marvelous person as well as a magnificent potter.

4 ¼” high by 3 ¾” wide

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