Every piece we acquire from Dolores is unique and one of a kind. Her designs change, as she strives to have the design work fit the shape of her pots. Every detail is placed on the piece for a reason. Dolores explained to me, “My designs are representing bird on rainbows with rain patterns next to the birds. Along the center is a step design followed by a feather bustle with stars etched out. Below are waves which represent water.” Dolores has carved the lid to fit tightly with an effigy bear on top. The polished bear sits on a micaceous disc and cloud designs are on both sides of the lip. Dolores has polished the top of the pot a deep red, and has continued that work on the bottom of the jar. Excellent symmetry! It is an extremely beautiful new creation from Dolores.

3″ wide by 3 1/2″ high (with lid)