This large wide bowl by Dextra Quotskuyva is phenomenal. Made in 2006, it displays her skills in designing and painting. The deep reds and black work so well together in these triangular pennant shapes. Stippled, and also solid, each triangle compliments the one next to it. The black is bee-weed and the red is a clay slip. The jar was traditionally fired and there are blushes on the surface. It is signed on the bottom, in the clay, “Dextra” along with a corn plant to represent the Corn Clan. The lip is polished a deep red as well. The triangles are graduated sizes, smaller at the top, and widening toward the bottom. The bottom of the bowl has such a beautiful yellow/orange cast to it. You can see why Dextra was so highly regarded as one of the most important potters of our time.

3 ¾” high by 8” wide