This is such a beautiful small jar made by Dextra in August of 2000. So wonderfully shaped, with the rolled lip that has been slipped red, setting it off from the plain polished neck. Complex designs move around the polychrome jar, with classic black, tan, and red painted symbols. I talked to her nephew, Steve Lucas about this piece, and he said, “This looks like her Hummingbird design. I know Dextra loved them, it always made her happy when she saw them. She had a lot of old sketches of similar designs, so I always assumed that’s what they were.” Dextra was not an artist who believed in producing the same thing over and over. She was very innovative and each pot she made is unique. The designs vary, and this one fits the shape of jar so well. We can see that it has stylized variations in typical Nampeyo Family patterns.

It is signed on the bottom Dextra – with the ear of corn hallmark.

4” high by 3 ¾” wide

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