Denny Gutierrez (Santa Clara) (1942 – 2013)
Denny Gutierrez was a contemporary potter from Santa Clara. His pots were hand coiled from natural materials, and traditionally fired outdoors. He learned to make pottery from his mother, Katherine Gutierrez. His sister JoAnn Million and his aunt, Clara Stone are also well-known potters. Denny created his distinctive style of “faceted melon bowl” in the 1990s. From 2000 to 2004 he was governor of Santa Clara Pueblo. He was a multi award winner at Santa Fe Indian Market. His style of melon bowls was so unique. If the ribs were designed symmetrically, they actually glistened. It is a very refined overall appearance. Denny made this lidded jar in 2007.

5” high by 4 ½” wide

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