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I am continually overwhelmed by the classic beautiful thin walled jars that Delores Juanico creates. There are so few potters from Acoma who still fire outdoors, it is an honor to be able to exhibit her amazing work.

This new polychrome jar is based on designs she researched from the early 1900’s. This is her description:
This 20th Century style traditional Acoma pot signifies a rainbow like pattern on all 4 sides which are the 4 directions as rain is needed. The diamond in the middle also includes 4 directions, with clouds and rain in the center. The orange zig-zag on top signifies the sun. This Matriarch may have been going through a drought at that time and was praying for all that is needed to grow. Or perhaps she was grateful for seeing blessings in sun, clouds, rain and rainbows after a beautiful rainstorm. Acoma still today has no running water or electricity and relies solely on Rain for everything.”

Her painting shows such accuracy and precision. The imagery simply flows all around the jar. When you hold it in your hand, it really is like holding an eggshell – so amazingly lightweight. For real traditionalists- this would be a fabulous addition to anybody’s collection.

3 ¾” high by 4” wide

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