Delores is one of the finest miniaturist artists working today. She can do large bowls and jars, and then she can scale it down to miniature size. Still doing everything in the traditional style, paints, and pigments, coiling the clay and firing outdoors, it is a pleasure to represent her work. Fewer and fewer Acoma artists still fire outdoors, but Delores’s are always fired in that manner.

We have never had a single two tone piece from Delores. They have all been multi polychrome painted work. When I was with her talking about the various techniques involved in her work, I really was drawn to this two-tone mini water jar. She explained that the patter is fro the 1960’s and represents, rain, lightning and clouds. The fired dark pigments have a deep brown tone to them – not black. That is extremely visually attractive. Like eggshell, when you hold it in your hands, it is magnificent. Signed on the bottom: D.Juanico, Acoma New Mexico 1960’s with a corn symbol- Delores always indicates from which time period her specific designs originated.

3 1/2″ high by 3 3/4″ wide

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