Delores is one of the finest miniaturist artists working today. She can do large bowls and jars, and then she can scale it down to miniature size. Still doing everything in the traditional style, paints and pigments, coiling the clay and firing outdoors, it is a pleasure to represent her work.

Upon special request from me, Delores scaled this down to a tiny size. UNDER 2” ! Creating such a piece in this size range is incredibly challenging. So many people think that making a miniature is easy, but, in fact, it is extremely difficult for the artist. We so appreciate her efforts. The result is always amazing. It is amazingly thin walled. This is the smallest piece we have ever had from Delores. Here is her explanation:
“This pot shows prayers for or after a good rain from the rainbows. Oranges are the sun and black are the clouds. Again, the squares with their four sides for directions and the four sides of the pot has rainbows. On top the three raindrops falling from the sky. Rain benefits us in so many ways, washes away mourning, nourishes people, land, animals domestic and wild. Stimulates growth. All vital to life on Mother Earth.” I think her descriptions really brings forth life to the work. We so appreciate her explanations.

1 ½” high

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