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Delores is one of the finest miniaturist artists working today. She can do large bowls and jars, and then she can scale it down to miniature size. Still doing everything in the traditional style, paints and pigments, coiling the clay and firing outdoors, it is a pleasure to represent her work.

This pattern is from the early 1900’s. Delores offers this wonderful explanation:
“Mountainous rain: This pot design is somewhat unusual in that its rainbows are shaped like mountains (Orange and maroon colors) The lines represent rain which are crossing over in the four directions. Clouds (dark brown) are also along the mountain in four directions but within the mountainous rainbow. The leaves are representing fertilization, growth and I’m sure prayers or acorns. Pinon and such which are in many of our prayerful songs, along with growth or animals living in the mountains, which the men hunt, who rely on good rain and sunlight. I imagine this potter may have painted what our war chiefs may have see as they go on their daily pilgramage. “ Delores’ explanation really brings this piece to life for us. These new minaitures are paperthin.

2 1/2″ high by 2 3/4″ wide

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