Delmar Polacca is picking up where his father left. (Tom Polacca passed away in 2003.) Tom created this style of Hopi pottery, a departure from the classic polished, all-smooth Hopi jar. The primary departure from typical Hopi pottery features carved designs. Delmar’s work always shows various Kachinas. Here, his design is two facing Hopi Kachina Manas (Manas=Hopi woman). The Mana on the left is the Corn Maiden, with the Yellow Corn Maiden on the right. These figures are actually dancers and appear in the spring dances to promote growth of corn. Another symbol is a large turtle, which is a water symbol. Other symbols include rain clouds, sun/moon, eagle wings, sacred corn, and pottery shards with rain symbols. With a heritage of famous potters, Delmar is a great grandson of Nampeyo, and grandson of Fanny Nampeyo Polacca. His aunt is Iris Youvella Nampeyo, and Tonita Nampeyo.

4 3/4″ high by 9 1/2″ diameter

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