Debra is such an expert “plate maker” She uses all natural materials, using the pinch pot method, the clay is formed into a pre fired plate and then fired outdoors. This piece is particularly beautiful – full and rich with designs. She has incised an entire flock of hummingbirds – I count at least 23 of them! Debra explains. “I call these Morning Hummingbirds because we have Sunflowers growing by our Dining room window, and each morning when the flowers are in bloom the hummingbirds and butterflies are feeding off them. The morning sun is shining upon them. The rainbow on the plate is the promise of Rain. The rain clouds and (triangle) sunrays are around the border of the plate.”

These Hummingbirds are in flight amongst a grove of flowers. There are even a few dragonflies flying overhead. Half of a Sunface is shining down, and the border is complete with polished stair stepped mountains, also referred to as rainclouds. The deep red slip Debra uses shows off so well set against the tan color of the clay. Each bird, and the center of each flower is highlighted with a polished different shade of red. To incise such extraordinary amount of detail on this size plate is truly fabulous. The back is entirely polished with that deep red tone, with Debra’s name.

4 ¼” wide

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