Debbie just continues to grow and evolve with the coiling of new shapes and patterns. We have not had this shape before, and it works so well with her painted imagery. Hand coiled, traditionally painted, and fired outside, this is a very pleasing new butterfly designed jar. The firing went so well that the Hopi clay as a beautiful orange cast to it.

When I asked Debbie to tell me about the design work, she responded this way:
“I call the pottery design Hopi blessings. The design on the top are butterflies. Splotches around the top represent rainfall. The design next to the butterflies represent bird wings used for prayers for the Hopi people. The two yellow colors represent the sun. The design on the bottom represent the eagle which brings good news to Hopis. The yellow design next to the eagles represent harmony in both directions. The blocked designs represent Kiva, night, with splotches for rain and the sun. Everything we pray for out here in Hopi for a good life.” So – that certainly covers it!

8 ½” by 8 ½”

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