This new jar by Daniel represents everything that I like about his work. It is hand coiled and traditionally fired outdoors. The “squared” off shape of the jar is visually appealing. The balance between the highly polished work and the black matte sections is beautiful. Daniel described it to me in this way, “I’ve continued my work with square pieces that have sharper angles and corners. While traditional pieces are round, a piece like this allows me to utilize distinct canvases, on our four sides. The hummingbird is featured on one side and on the direct opposite side is the flower the hummingbird searches for. The adjacent sides – with sharp angles designs and the other featuring softer/rounder designs – hint at the different places a hummingbird might journey to. This piece features an “open” mouth, showcasing the contemporary vase like shape.”

What an outstanding new creative and unique work of art from Daniel. He has become a superb potter in every way.

6” high by 6” wide (8 ¼” at the widest, diagonally)