This is our first piece of pottery from Bobby. This gorgeous bowl is hand coiled and traditionally fired outdoors. He uses Zuni clay body and Hopi slips. It was such a pleasure working with him. He is thoughtful, and so willing to teach me about his design work. The central design on both sides of this large bowl is a deconstructed bird form with a large curved and decorated head and beak. He has painted shades of red/orange/black and tan around the entire piece. He explains, “The prayer feather sticks on the side represent feathers that are planted in the ground by a person with essence of the prayer coming out of the bird. He represents the messenger taking prayers to the spirit world. “Bobby goes on to explain, “The prayer for corn is on the bottom, then the prayer for different clouds are on top” On the vertical painted pattern which is next to the bird he told me, “This represents a cloud and you see the eye, the eye represents the cloud looking out and the steps are how they will come down in the form of rain.”
It is a real challenge to take those old designs and replicate and re-invent them onto a new piece of pottery. Bobby is doing that so well.

6″ high by 12″ wide

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