Bobby specializes in recreating ancestral, prehistoric, and historic Hopi and Zuni pottery. I had asked if he could make a ladle, and this turned out beautifully. His description is so thorough and fascinating:

“This ladle starting from the hand has turkey tracks representing the spiritual bird messengers. The lines represent rows of corn. The inside is the turkey track again, the swirls that are crooked together represent two clouds coming together to make it rain (also known to many as rain crooks). The old ones say that the black and red clouds come together because they are fighting to make it rain. . When this happens, they can make big storms. The black on four sides represents clods coming from these directions. And the dots around the edge represent the seeds we are going to plant, so we are asking in prayer to let our corn grow abundantly.”

Bobby did an outdoor wood pit firing (reduction firing) to achieve the texture and feel of the Anasazi historic work.

2” high by 10” long

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