This is a wonderful traditional open bowl by Bobby Silas. Bobby says he is Inspired by the Sikyatki pottery. Hand coiled, painted with natural slips and pigments, and fired with sheep dung outdoors, it has rustic feel to it. . Bobby really worked on the symbolism in this bowl. Here is his explanation:

“The katsina pot has several design elements from Zuni to historical Hopi designs. The cloud katsina is a representation of moisture and the flowers in her hands is for the abundance of plant life. The rain crooks represent a cloud rolling in carrying the blessings of rain. The eagle or bird tails represents the messenger to deliver the prayer for rain asked from the potter as they paint this on the pot. As the spirit of bird goes into the cloud you see the tail end of it. (Then we say” let this be so”. The dragonflies are also messengers of moisture as well. They tell you of water nearby and we believe they are spiritual messengers.”

This bowl is beautifully coiled and shaped, using the flat surface to use as a palette to showcase the design elements in his story. The polychrome colors (black, white, tan, browns) are repeated on the opening of the bowl with the same colors drawn on the Katsina figures. There is a nice balance having the two figures opposite each other, This is a lovely, very special piece.

4 ½” high by 9” wide

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