Amber Naha (Hopi-Tewa)
Amber comes from an exceptionally long family line of famous and award-winning Hopi pottery artists. Amber is the daughter of Rainy Naha, niece to Burel Naha and Sylvia Naha Humphries, the granddaughter of the famous Helen Naha (Featherwoman) and great granddaughter of the famous and innovative pottery artist Paqua Naha (the first Frogwoman). Amber Naha learned traditional Hopi pottery making from her award-winning mother, Rainy. She signs her work with the feather hallmark (as her family has since her grandmother, Helen Naha, was known as ‘Featherwoman’) along with her name, “Amber Rain Naha”, and the number ‘3’ indicating third generation of Featherwoman.

At 16 years old she won First Place for Pottery in the Youth Division at the 2014 Santa Fe Indian Market. Her designs are beautiful, and her work is traditional. This was made in 2015 and shows an old Sikyatki design pattern. Amber is now 29, works for a Navajo sheriff’s department, so does not get to make much pottery. She would like to do more, and we hope she does, as she is quite talented.

3 ½” high by 5 ¼” wide

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