Known for his unique and innovative pottery, this large, hand coiled clay piece, made in 2007, is called “Path of Life”. It is amazingly stunning. In fact, a piece like this is in the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum. Al’s statement about his work really describes this gorgeous piece – “My style tends towards that of a minimalist.” He goes on to say, “I produce pieces of pristine, fluid form, with high sculptural relief. The finish is stone polished producing the hue and shadow of high desert landscape, and softness to the touch.” This beautiful creation reflects his Hopi culture with the organic rim of this piece highlighting a cliff dwelling. His work is so classic and often described as “elegant.” You can see how smooth and sleek this is – the polishing work is fantastic. The carved dwelling is architecturally designed and so head to achieve in clay. Everything about this clay art piece is marvelous. Al has signed it on the bottom and has added 1995 as his copyright date for this design.

height: 5 3/4 diameter: 12 5/16 in

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