Al calls this new double sided jar a “wish jar”. I learned so much from him about the history of the design work. He says, “the design on the Wish piece is based on an ancient Sikyatki bowl design showing butterfly and flowers.” He has even shown me a photo of that Sityatki bowl which is now housed in the Museum of Natural History storage and exhibit facility in Maryland, next to Washington DC. That bowl was found in the major 1895 archeological excavation of the village of Sikyatki, First Mesa. Al sent me a photo of “Polingaysi” which was his inspiration for that design. We’ve added that photo here, as the last photo in the group.

The colors of the “mosquito man” are so beautiful, set against the highly polished tan clay. The other side shows a pueblo cliff dwelling that has areas that are recessed, and the beautifully carved. The detailed work is extraordinary. Notice the keyhole openings and the various levels of topography. This is a terrific example of the remarkable work by Al Q.

6 1/2″ high by 3 1/2″ diameter

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