This is a magnificent seed bowl by Adrianne. It is hand coiled and painted with natural pigments. Her pots are characterized by using orange and black slips on white pots. This is one of our favorite designs by Adrianne – the medallions of Mimbres animals. She has painted a turtle, a parrot, a rabbit, another bird, a fish, and a deer with a heartline. The exquisite carving on the top that is slipped orange, in contrast to the precise black and white fine work on the bottom creates a stunning visual piece. Adrianne creates delicate seed pottery very much like those of other fine Acoma potters. Her well-built and balanced pots are beautifully painted. The single most important feature is the textured surface near the opening of each pot. Triangular shaped surface texture radiates outward from the mouth like rays from a light source. Shadows add depth and distinction to her work. This is an amazing skill Adrianne has developed over the years. This Mimbres designed bowl is feather weight.

2” high by 3” wide

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