Because Thomas’ pots can be so large, he likes to drive them directly to me in Denver from Santo Domingo. It’s great for me, because we get to spend time together visiting, and learning more about each other with each visit.

When he took this new jar out of the car, and put it on my counter top, I heard myself sigh out loud ! GORGEOUS! BEAUTIFUL! How I love this coiled and painted design work. Thomas is one of the few potters who can still so all this work in the traditional style in this size range. The coiling of the natural clays, the use of natural pigments and slips, and then the outdoor traditional firings.

Thomas said he tried to use “old school designs” on this jar. It took him “forever” to do the painting. He said it was very time consuming. He actually used 12 – 15 coats of slip. There is a winter cloud band shown, and the checkerboard to him represents moisture and rain. You can also see the end of Harvest corn. I think the result is a work of beauty.

16″ high by 13″ wide

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