2 1/” high by 8” wide

This new hand coiled bowl is called “Moondance”. It’s made with half Santa Clara clay and half micaceous clay, which lends to some rougher texture but shows a nice sheen to the clay. Susan had a young artist friend in Tucson who passed away a few years back. She loved using watermelon in her imagery; it was like her signature. Susan was passing through a hotel lobby not too long ago and someone had a watermelon element in their painting and it reminded me her of her friend who had passed away. So this new piece is her homage to that friend. Susan has used acrylic and India ink. The five dancers are so well designed – there is a flow to the bowl, as they show dance movements. Their traditional outfits are beautifully illustrated. The feeling of night is clear, as the moon and the stars shine down on the dancers. This is a charming new creation.

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