6” high by 10” wide

This is an extraordinary piece of art. Every detail of the turtle’s body has been examined and created. Russell thinks this is one of the very most difficult shapes and forms that he has ever made. In fact, he was working on this one for over three years. Since this is all ONE PIECE (except for the extraordinary lid) and the clay shrinks at a different rate, there is often breakage and cracking. This happened several times in the creation of this piece. Russell made four attempts at this creation, and this is the one that survived. He has incised a classic and elegant red polished avanyu (water serpent). The highest grade Kingman turquoise is used for the eye. That same red tone is polished to a high sheen on the coiled bear lid. If you look closely at his lid, you will see a circle of incised dots, and below them, he has embedded Kingman turquoise dots to repeat that pattern. Nineteen stones! The bear has his head gracefully turned to one side. Of important note is the black mica head. That same theme is complimented by incised black mica bear paws on each foot. Every aspect of this creation is so carefully planned. There are three strands of Heishi on the body of the turtle and one additional strand on the bear lid. It is thoroughly magnificent. The turtle is so life like and realistic. The bear is thought to represent strength, and the turtle often symbolizes healing. Together, they embody such beauty and significance. What a great new creation from Russell.

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