8 ¾” high by 6” wide
This new red wedding vase is spectacular. We don’t sell many wedding vases, as they are so difficult to coil. There are not too many potters who can achieve the symmetry with the spouts and the handles. Russell creates marvelous wedding vases. He has been working with a very deep red slip that he has rediscovered. It is the same slip that was used in San Ildefonso in the 1920’s and 30’s. Very deep – very elegant. This piece has sixteen indentations going around the body of the jar. When the light hits the jar, those areas glisten. Above that are three strands of natural Heishi imbedded in to the clay. They are separated by two horizontal matte red slipped rows. This is such a marvelous throw back and tribute to the old-style San Ildefonso work. The bottom of the jar is just wide enough to be stable and steady, but adds to the overall terrific form. The spouts are even and well coiled, not adding any extra heaviness to the design. This is a stunning piece of handmade pottery. Since the clay is a product of Mother Earth, this piece of pottery has an essence and spirit to it.

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