This is a first for Russell. He has never made this shape and form before now. This remarkable bear lidded gun metal jar is actually based on an old-style gourd shape. But Russell created a medallion on both sides with incised bears. These medallions are rounded and looked “pushed in” like you’d see on a gourd jar. This firing turned out to be exquisite. His ability to have a silvery gun metal finish is technically so difficult. In each of the bears he has put a high grade Lone Mountain turquoise stone. The neck of the jar rises up to be a square opening, which is unusual. And that opening is covered with a magnificent rectangular bear lid. Russell has used hematite Heishi to border both medallions. So creative, and so traditional at the same time, this is a real work of art! Russell continues to challenge himself to create new shapes and designs. Everything about this jar is magnificent.

6 ¼” high by 4 ¼” wide

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