We are always so honored to have new works by award winning potter, Richard Zane Smith. This new bowl is particularly special to me, as it emits an emotional response. Richard’s own words to me describe it best – “It just seemed like a good day to do a women’s dance pot. There are likely a lot of women very discouraged right now, and you may be tempted now to NOT share your stories, to expose your abusers, because you might be interrogated and made to feel dirty or stared at like you are making it all up. Don't lose hope! YOU ARE IMPORTANT! Unite and stand strong! We are going to make changes…but yes, it’s still going to take some work …but its good work, and as a result, your daughters and sons, your grandsons and granddaughters will have a better world.” To put those words and sentiments into such a magnificent piece of hand coiled pottery and see his vision through his art is so rewarding and touching. Thank you, Richard, for your support of women!

4” high by 7 “wide