Collaborations can be tricky sometimes. But when they work out, they can be marvelous. This is the case for this piece by Erik Fender from San Ildefonso, and Linda Tafoya Sanchez from Santa Clara. I had asked them to create a very classic, traditional canteen for me, and what I received is magnificent. Hand coiled, traditionally fired outside, carved, slipped, and polished to a high black sheen, this is a brilliant rendition of a classic form with handles and a stopper. On one side, the center medallion is painted with an avanyu. The other side carries that theme, but the avanyu is carved. Stair stepped carvings are seen directly below the squared opening. The entire bottom quadrant of the canteen is carved with bear tracks. Both artists completed this task with such an elevated level of skill. The finished canteen is a superb work of art.

7 ½” high by 7 ½” wide