This new colorful hand coiled jar is gorgeous. Les is an amazing painter, as well as a potter. Here are his own words describing the piece. “The design for this jar depicts four stylized Hopi bird patterns on the jar’s mid-section. On the top area of the work is an abstract composition containing geometric elements derived from Pueblo pottery designs. The bottom portion of the jar is painted with similar elements using a muted color palette.

My main focus for this composition was to achieve a visual balance of color. I began the process by using the bird patterns as a base. These Hopi designs are usually painted with an earth tone palette in traditional pottery. From this foundation, I transformed the patterns into a modernist vision by utilizing yellows, oranges, blues and other bright hues. I then framed the vivid area of color with segments of abstract designs found on the top and bottom portions of the jar. This results in a harmonious composition painted on a pottery shape that emphasizes the layered segments. My hope is that the work is visually appealing and expresses mainstream modernist aesthetics.” And yes, it is absolutely visually appealing!

5 1/2″ high by 6 3/4″ wide

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