This is an amazing new jar by Johnathan Naranjo. The incising is remarkable.
It is hand coiled and traditionally fired outdoors. It depicts Navajo monument Valley, with a woman in her traditional covering and her hair tied up. On the other side, is a Navajo man with his horse with clouds overhead. Navajo rug patterns are etched on the bottom part of the jar and around the lip.

Because Johnathan has such creative ideas for the work he portrays, we often discuss what he had in mind while creating a new work. This is what he told me about this jar; “It’s rare to see Navajo design and imagery on Santa Clara Pueblo pottery. I enjoy combining the two different tribes together every now and then because it’s a representation of who I am. My mother is of Navajo descent and my father is from Santa Clara Pueblo. Growing up I was fortunate to see both sides of the different cultures. The Navajo are skilled in many different arts, well known for weaving blankets/rugs, jewelry crafting and sand paintings. Whereas Santa Clara Pueblo people have a main trade in traditional black polished pottery. I like to pride myself on being one of the select few artists to sell this look.” And he did it !

7″ high by 4.75 ” wide