12 inches tall by 6 inches wide.

Here is a new hand coiled and traditionally fired tall vase by Johnathan.

One of my pleasures is to discuss with him his ideas, as he creates these wonderful pieces of art. His description for this new jar is “My opening for this jar is circular, no ovals. I designed antelope in a valley and open Plains. I have also included one coyote that the antelope has drawn their attention towards. I allowed the observer to make any conclusions for the story. Will the coyote just continue walking by, will it attempt a chase? There is also more antelope than coyote, as coyotes usually hunt in packs. Antelope are also very agile and fast, it may not be that easy. There are rolling hills, plants, grass, and mountains in the distance.” Notice the beautifully carved, stair stepped top, as well as carved spirals and mountain symbols. It is stunning.

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