This is such an interesting new seed pot from Johnathan. If you look at the polishing, is goes in a horizontal pattern. As Johnathan says “It’s got a stream like river look to it. That’s why I used a Mimbres fish on this one. It spoke to me. The design was something I wanted to make that was fun and pleasing to view for myself. The spring season is here and last year my grandfather and I both caught our limit of fish last spring season together. When I was a young teenager I designed a picture of something Star Wars related using the default paint program on my Windows XP computer. My grandfather found it so interesting that I was able to create something digital, so he asked me to design a classic Mimbres design. I made the fish using Microsoft paint and he was astonished that I was able to translate a classic, very symbolic design used on dated pottery into something that was used in the modern 2000’s century. I was thinking about fishing and about my grandfather.”
I so appreciate it when Johnathan relates to me his actual thoughts behind the creation of his pieces. It really brings the work alive.

3 3/4″ high by 3 3/4″ wide

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