2 3/8″ long x 1 3/8″ wide
Bail is located at the top of the back of the piece.

Navajo silversmith Bennie Ration’s signature style stands out beautifully in this turquoise and sterling silver shadowbox maiden pendant. The body of the piece showcases an oval sterling silver panel, set on one side with an oval, blue turquoise piece within the sterling. The piece is set in a simple sterling silver bezel and contains portions of brown matrix running throughout. Cut out step and weather patterns are featured opposite the stone, giving the body of the piece a shadowbox effect. The body is finished with a sterling rope pattern surrounding the base, followed by a sterling band that has been stamped and cut out to form various patterns, as well as two rows of appliqued sterling dots at the top. Protruding from the body is an intricate and detailed maiden head stamped with lines along the bottom portion, as well as deeply grooved rectangular eyes. A sterling silver tablita surrounds the maiden head stamped with step, triangle, and scallop designs, and the head is finished with four, intricate and detailed sterling silver feathers protruding from the forehead.

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