1 ¾” high by 5 ½” wide

This is a marvelous collaboration. Jason coiled this new bowl, and Jennifer did all the design work. Jennifer and I had been discussing various nature imagery, and realized she had never made a peacock. So we came up with the idea for this new piece. She worked, and re worked, and worked some more until the exact right designs came to her. I think it is extraordinary. By using a flat jar that Jason has made for us, she can reveal so much of the peacock’s patterns in their feathers. Look at the amount of precise detailing that is exhibited here. Jennifer applied the clay color slip underneath and then a really thin acrylic paint as an accent over it. In that way, the peacocks themselves would shimmer. She wanted them to have an almost metallic look, like they do in nature. The floral patterns added to the work add to the overall beauty. If you turn their piece over, you can see how Jennifer used the feather patterns for the design. Everything about this new bowl is magnificent.