This is a shape I requested from Jennifer. Aesthetically so pleasing, her design work is so artistic. This is the first time she has incised BOX TURTLES. They are spectacular. The box turtle is a species like no other. With a beautifully powerful shell and gentle demeanor, it’s popular among pet owners and wildlife enthusiasts alike. This timid creature is native to both the United States and Mexico, though there is an Asian species of box turtles living in the Eastern region of the globe. Box turtles are easy-going reptiles whose needs in captivity are highly complex, though this does not stop animal lovers from making them common pets. Jennifer did such an outstanding job of creating this piece. The colors are so bold and dynamic. Notice how she has sculpted a tiny turtle to form a tight fitting lid.

2 1/4h by 3 1/2″ wide by 3 1/2″

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