This is a boldly designed jar. It is large and makes a statement.
“This piece is formed in the classic Wyandot kettle shape. This form was used originally for cooking and water vessels. The texture on the outside of the form results from lapped corrugated coil building technique indigenous to the southwest. The rim on the vessel is stamped with a hand-carved wooden concentric stamp referencing Mound Builder pottery of the mid-west. The coloration is an experiment in visual stimulus. With the positive and negative design there is a reference to the seen and unseen world and how we interact in between. We are only consciously aware of a fraction of what is going on around us as we live day to day. The capacity of our minds to perceive informs the decisions that we make. The intention behind creating this vessel is to honor my Wyandot ancestors. It also is a visual reminder of the thin veil between the physical and the spiritual world. Everything we perceive is projected by the invisible as a spatial rendering.”

12 ½” high by 11” wide