This new kettle jar is so well created by Jamie. Hand coiled, and decorated with handmade stampings, Jamie explains his thoughts this way:

“The shape of this vessel references ancient Wyandot cooking pots. The concept of this vessel came from an original design carved into a wooden stamp. The idea came from an elder who spoke that the veil between our reality and the unseen world is thin as a maple leaf. I think of these words as I spend time in the forest. With many trees I see the light from the sun coming through the leaves. While viewing I think about all that I cannot see and what is on the other side of my limited perspective. There is an intelligence in the trees that is communicated on a different dimensional level. We share these other dimensions but are unaware in our conscious mind. The pattern on the outside of the concentric stamp design references the leaf of the Redbud tree that creates food and medicine in our physical environment. The inside of the concentric design references Mound Builder symbols that are on pottery and cultural objects. The intention with the piece is to honor my Wyandot ancestors with the form and to honor the intelligence of the tree with the design. The idea that I wish to communicate is that there is ancestral knowledge that is even older than humans as a species. Even though we are not aware on a daily basis we share a common language with all living things.”

Please look on the inside, as well for his painted design work.

8” high by 7 ¼” wide

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