This fascinating vase is hand coiled and woodfired. Jamie used iron slips, and various New Mexico pigments. These pigments came from near Silver City and Jemez. It is a beautiful fluted form. Jamie explains the idea behind this jar; “This piece is created with concentric corrugated coils and is an experiment in a new vertical form. The rings of coils in the piece are like growth rings in a tree. The technique has always intrigued me as it reminds me of the detail in pine cones and marine shells. Every centimeter of the surface has been pinched multiple times. Just like on the ancient corrugated pots a closer look will reveal microscopic patterns of fingerprints left by the maker. The colored clay in the stippled decorations are found and collected from special locations in the desert and fired on. In some places on the piece commercial pigments have been added and fired on.” It is stunning.

12 ½” high by 4 ¼” wide

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