This is the last piece we currently have by the extraordinarily talented Iris Youvella Nampeyo. Sadly, she just passed away in September 2018. Iris is a daughter of Fannie Nampeyo and granddaughter of Nampeyo of Hano. Originally, Iris used the traditional Sikyatki revival designs made popular by Nampeyo, but then she began to make the un-slipped tan pottery in the style made famous by Elizabeth White (Polingaysi) and later by her nephew Al Colton (Qöyawayma). Iris reduced the appliqué corn to a delicate state from the large one used by Elizabeth and Al. She was known for her buff colored and polished pottery. Oftentimes, she designed her signature ear of corn in carved relief work. This piece has a beautiful buckskin color with a smooth finish and no painted decoration. When we refer to Native pottery as simple and elegant, Iris always fit that description.

3 ½” high by 5” wide

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