Erik has been hard at work recreating some old-style San Ildefonso forms and shapes. I am partial to the classic water jars, and this new one is so aesthetically pleasing. I asked Erik to describe his interpretations of the various design elements, and this is his description: “The top band are stylized water birds and the checkered areas represent the morning star and the evening star. The middle band has the feather design on two sides which represents the sun and the other sections are clouds and clouds being blown by the wind. The bottom band represents plants/seeds just starting to bloom.” I always find it fascinating to know what the artist has in mind when they do their painted designed imagery work. This is an elegantly shaped jar. Nicely rounded on the bottom, coming up to a narrowed neck. These tones of tan, terra cotta, blacks and off-white blend so attractively together to make a cohesive pattern. The very muted polished tan band on the bottom of the jar adds an additional soft hue to the overall effect.

8” high by 8” wide